Set up Android Work Profile on your device using Microsoft

If your company requires your
Android device to be managed

by IT before you can access
work resources like email,

you’ll see a prompt to enroll
your device when you sign

into them.

Enrolling your device
is simple, and it only

takes a few minutes.

To get started,
select Enroll Now.

Then, on the Enroll your
device webpage, select

Go to Google Play to install
the Intune Company Portal app.

That’s the app you’ll use to
enroll and manage your device;

install apps on it;
and get IT support.

In Google Play, select
Install (The app is free,

so you won’t be charged
for installing it.),

and when it finishes
installing, select Open.

You have to sign into
the Company Portal app

to enroll your device.

Use your work account.

(That’s your full work
email address and password.)

Enrollment begins on the
Company Access Setup page,

which describes the process.

First, you’ll create and
activate, a work profile,

for your apps and data.

Then, you might need to do a
few things to make it compliant

with your company’s policies
(like setting a passcode

to unlock it).

When you’re ready, select
Continue to get started.

On the Privacy page, review the
list of items that your company

can and cannot see.

Your privacy is very important,
so we want you to know that

your personal information—like
emails, text messages,

call and web history—are
not visible to your company

or Microsoft.

Once you’ve reviewed
this information,

select Continue to move on.

The What’s Next page just lists
the remaining steps for setting

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up your device.

When you’re ready, select
Next to complete these steps,

starting with Samsung’s
terms and conditions,

which you only see if you
have a Samsung device.

Review the privacy
policy, select I have read

and agree to all of the
above, and then select Next.

Creating your work profile
might take a few minutes,

but once it’s done,
select Continue to sign

in and activate it.

After enrollment completes,
you’ll return to the Company

Access Setup page, where you
should see green check marks

for each enrollment task.

Select Done.

Now that your
device is enrolled,

in the Company Portal
app, you see your devices,

a link to the managed Google
Play store, and information

you need to contact IT.

You find all your company
apps in your work profile.

The badge on each app’s icon,
indicates that your company

manages the app, and its data.

To see more company
apps you can install,

open the managed Play Store
from your work profile.

And, as expected,
you now have access

to all of those work resources
you need, like email,

OneDrive, and much more.

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